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Professional dog care

  • Does my male dog have to be Neutered?

    Yes, Males over 1 year old do need to be neutered but we are open to discussing this with each individual case depending on breed/ size of dog and circumstances.

  • My dog is in heat, can she still come to your facility?

    No, we ask that females stay away until their season has completely finished.

  • I have two dogs, can they share one kennel if they are boarding?

    If the dogs are small to medium size and used to sharing sleeping space then yes they may share. Large dogs (labrador size and over) will need to book two separate kennels but the partitioning door in the middle of the two kennels can be fixed open so that they can integrate but still have plenty of space.

  • Do you provide food when my dog is boarding?

    No, you will need to bring the food that your dog is used to having to avoid upsetting the dog’s digestion. Dry food and wet food is fine and we also have a fridge  freezer for storing raw food.

  • My dog is aggressive or anti-social with other dogs, does that matter?

    Our environment is one in which open play and socialisation are encouraged, therefore we do not generally accept dogs that have previously shown aggressive tendencies.  Often, if the dog has some minor behavioural issues to be aware of but is generally sociable with other dogs, then most individual needs can be accommodated. However, in cases of severely aggressive behaviour then our facilities may not be suitable.

  • My dog is a bit nervous, so will he/she not be suitable?

    A daycare or kennel environment can be very new and overwhelming for some dogs that struggle with anxiety but we know that each individual dog is different so we will take the time to discuss your dog with you and can asses them further by doing a trial day/familiarisation day. It is not unusual for new dogs to take some time to settle in and find their feet but we are a fairly small establishment, with only 3 members of staff (who are very friendly!) We emphasise minimum stress and quality over quantity.

  • Do you look after the dogs in your home?

    No. The overnight boarding facility is a kennel set up, so guest dogs are not actually inside the house itself. Our family have our own resident dogs that live in the house, so we keep the guest dogs separate. The daycare is similar and consists of 2 secure paddock areas and 3 stables that have been converted into indoor shelters.

  • What age does my dog need to be?

    Dogs can come for familiarisation at daycare from 4 months of age as long as they have had all inoculations. Overnight boarding is generally from about 4 months onwards but each individual case is considered.

  • Does my dog need to have the kennel cough inoculation?

    Yes, unless your vet does not want to administer it for any medical reasons.

  • Will my dog be let off the lead on walks?

    With the owners consent, yes. Recall must be very reliable and if there is any doubt then we will keep them on the lead. Please note that we have horses on the property so please do let us know if that is likely to cause any issues with your dog so we know to take precautions.

  • Is there a minimum number of nights that my dog needs to stay for or can I just book one night if needed?

    There is no minimum stay but if you book 2 nights or less at a weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday night) the cost is slightly more.

  • Can you administer medicine or injections to my dog while it is staying with you?

    Yes, as long as this has been discussed and agreed prior to the stay.

  • How far in advance do I need to book for boarding?

    As far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Often, last minute requests may be able to be accommodated, especially outside of peak times so please do call Genna to check. The busiest times tend to be the school holiday periods.


If you have a question about your dog's care these FAQs may save you some time but if not, please get in touch.

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